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Senin, 26 September 2011

Interview tips

Interview tips fit a lot in various posts. But I will discuss how to interview effectively.
Your job application is received, this is the first success - a specialist recruiter called and arranged a meeting. Now is the most difficult stage - the interview, where we have to prove that in fact you are not just as good on paper. In order not to lose face, be prepared to get 100%. Success

Gather information about the company

Tip The first step in the interview is to gather information about the company where you have to go. The information obtained can show an interest in future work will show that you are careful and competent. And to help navigate the best way to apply yourself.
Information that might be useful:

• What products or services the organization offers, as well as implement it?

• How old was he in the market, as it developed?

• What is happening in your area take?

• What are the leaders of the organization, how often to change the boss?

• How many people are employed by the company if there is staff turnover?

• Are there any downsizing over the last three years? Why?

• What new projects are in the organization?

• Public or private? a foreign entity and the overseas connections?

• In any large, well-known professional associations include the organization?

• There are often mentioned in the media as an estimate - positive or negative? Why?

It would be nice to know about how things work in the industry, which employs the company you're interested: it grew or stagnated, some prospects and problems have.
Information can be extracted from various sources. Read the press - newspapers, magazines. Be sure to engage the Internet. Carefully review the company's web site. Find annual reports (many companies now in the public domain), flyers and brochures. Pay attention not only on the contents of the official site, but also for design, style of presentation, regular updates. Type the company name in the search engine and see what they wrote about it in the electronic media, on blogs and forums.

Take care of yourself

Prepare a small story about yourself. Build a narrative in the mainstream of future vacancies. Focus on the information obtained about the company. Think about how you will respond to dangerous questions from recruiters.
A good rummage in the memory, and set up some bright stories from your professional past: employers are often interested in specific examples of how you act in real situations. Be prepared for what will be asked to share not only successes but also failures. Each story must be told for 1-3 minutes, long story with lots of detail not appropriate. In the course of the narrative emphasizes some of the skills used in solving the problem, we have learned, what benefits can bring to the company.

Remember, when answering the question matters not only what you say but how. Experienced recruiters assess the personal qualities of candidates is based on nonverbal communication: tone, facial expressions, gestures.

Make a list of questions that need to determine the personnel officer at the interview. As for jobs, for recruitment, probation, salary, social package, working on weekends and holidays. Write down all the questions at the right time to not forget anything.
Collect a set of documents that need to be owned. Pre-check with a specialist recruiters that he wanted to see. One passport is sufficient, while others require a complete set:

• the identity document;
• continue;
• work history;
• education diploma;
• awards, certificates and awards;
• letters of recommendation;
• portfolio.

Disassemble the commode

Prepare clothes that go into the interview. The main advice: choose a costume, guided by the features of the company's future and adopt the style (it is available from the office manager).
Psychologists recommend a strict dress but not too close. The most suitable colors - gray, blue and dark brown, probably better to exclude the black, red and green.
At any time, under the ban mini-skirts, shirts and blouses, even partially open the abdomen, back or chest. No clothes that fit and sporty emphasis: the interview there is a place for jeans, T-shirts, shoes and beach sandals. The other extreme - clothes with ruffles, folds.

This is interesting:
Former director of employment services at Northwestern University (Boston, USA), FS Endicott analyze the main reasons why the U.S. is most often rejected applicants. In the first place was "pathetic" in the second - "Manners, know-all", the third - "Failure to communicate:. With a weak voice, poor diction error" was only twenty-nine (!) - "Little Knowledge is special. "

All, of course, aware that the appearance - not the most important thing in the employee, but still before the interview should be more careful to make toilets. Unfortunately, there are still some people in the world, looks to be an invincible barrier to employment. It wrinkled, with dirt-seekers to see prostitutes. In a series of candidates they are often discordant with the hands and nails well groomed. They, of course, we should remember the slogan "Life scented soap and a soft towel!" Even before the interview. Joke, joke, however, said the agency personnel directly contradict the secretary without a manicure, because their hands - this is the first thing visitors see. For the future operator loyalty fewer PCs: first they were sent to a manicure, and then invited for a second interview.
Incidentally, it also happens that went for an interview with the brand, and suddenly the pool, passing cars, dirt fountains ... This is not fatal. Right at the beginning of a brief meeting to explain what happened. In this situation turned out to be one, and the stained pants you tend to lead to sympathy, not condemnation.

Keep the little things

Detail in advance, ask your office manager how to get to the office and entered into it, so at the last moment not in a hurry to find the halls of the building proper and not to break through the cordon of guards, a very demanding graduate.
On the day of interview to calculate the time so look at the office 10-15 minutes before starting. Foamy competitor, ran into the room in half an hour late, very annoying recruiters at agencies. Personnel officers in companies, too, they are not very welcome. But if it happens that you're still going to be late, be sure to call and inform.
Given the name and title of person to whom you will interview. Just note the name is not enough. People frantically digging in their pockets, said: "I came to interview with this ... ... like it there ... when ..." is not a reliable impression of an employee.
And one more thing. Go to the office where the interview will take place, do not forget to turn off the handset. It is unlikely that the recruitment of staff would like to ring loud calls in the middle of a conversation. Yes, and phone calls during interviews with friends is better not to start. But if there is an urgent need to be connected (eg, some problems in the family), must notify the interviewer in advance.

Listen to the experience of seasoned

After wandering in blogs and forums for jobs, find some tips that applicants share with each other. Although these recommendations seem silly at first glance, they have a reasonable grain.
• Do not drink alcohol before the interview, even in small doses. The next day the focus will be much worse, and "postalkogolny" flavor, although mild, can alert the personnel department.
• Do not drink before the interview a lot of tea, coffee or water. There are cases where the applicants are very pleased to successfully rushing around the office to find a toilet, and asking for help is difficult or not for anyone.
• Beauty sleep before you go for an interview. Half-asleep state, certainly does not add strength and confidence.
And lastly, a very important part of counsel. Interview - this is not a fight for life and not a trick off. It was just a meeting with a man who can become future partners. Or maybe not, but then there are others.

Is what can I conclude the interview tips

Minggu, 11 September 2011

tips procedure and treatments combining exercise


How to combine exercises and treatments tips procedure ? What makeup should be brought to the club?

For many women, undergoing fitness is to lose weight, make it into the ideal body. In fact, exercise combined with an appropriate diet. But if you want to get more use effects of this procedure, and in complete cosmetic treatments.

We will talk about tips professional procedures and the use of special cosmetics. If the algorithm is to build self-care and skin problems can be avoided, and the "uneven" weight. Moreover, you keep your face smooth and clean, even if the exercise is very intense.

Today, many sports clubs offer courses in a series of "Fitness Plus Beauty." In addition to training, you can select specific programs for the face and body.

Concentrated weight

Let's start with the most popular - a weight loss program. If you train two or three times a week, you can accelerate the transformation of the form, add beauty schedule a visit or a massage therapist in a week. Depending on the problem, you can make cellulite, lymphatic drainage or lifting procedures.

Sometimes a person with regular trains, heavy walking, but the volume is almost unchanged.
Body in the case, looks like a loose, loose. To solve this problem will help lymphatic drainage professional. This procedure is literally thrown away the excess water, and finally get the elasticity of your body.

The best effect of lymph drainage massage techniques specially hand. Specialist with his own hands to feel the patient's problems and adapt to its features. This is better than the manual techniques of hardware. Although the past is also quite effective, especially in combination with manual exposure.

There are other ways, very simple and effective way to deal with problem areas. Use the active drug just before exercise. The tool produces many well-known manufacturers - for example, Janssen, Decleor, and more.

The scheme works best in two steps. First, you apply to problem areas termogel, which warms the skin. And on top of it - is concentrated drug for weight loss. Then plug in the sport - and advanced to the gym. While you do drugs modeling work with your body.

Fitness lifting:
 tips on how to combine exercise and treatments It happens that the amount of contrast, goes too fast. So maybe the problem with sagging skin. In this case, your best bet is the pull-up procedure. It is most often a combination of whole body exfoliation with massage and wrap.

In order to look to tighten and strengthen the skin, enough to make 10-15 procedures at weekly intervals. Then you can periodically support the session. It is also important to establish a competent nursing home and applied daily to the skin firming cream or serum.

By the way, there are two phase systems with a lifting effect - such as to reduce the volume. First you put on your skin termogel, and on it - concentrate on tightening. Then the effect will increase every day, and the skin very quickly once again become elastic.

Another important issue related to the quality of the skin - is the emergence of signs of wrinkles. If you know that your skin is not very flexible, starting right from the first prevention training. Very good level of chemical peeling, which increases skin elasticity and adjust the stretch.

Life-giving heat

Dating to the sauna after a workout - it is a great way to get rid of fatigue and to stimulate muscle recovery. And saunas are great for those who want to lose weight.

It is very important to remember the sense of proportion. Do not think that the longer you will sit in the steam room, a strong will to lose weight. Sauna is useful only if you use the meter. Ideally, the residence time in the steam room physicians must determine the fitness club.

On average, after a workout to do three good approximation for the sauna. For the first time just sitting in the steam room a few minutes, depending on individual tolerance. Before the second pass, valid for large body sea salt scrub or made on that basis.
Then again sit in the steam room a few minutes.

At this time the body will actively remove toxins and excess fluids. Then rinse and scrub the desire to make another visit. Then - a cold shower, hydration or nutrition, depending on skin type. After this procedure, you will feel reborn literally. And the muscles the next day will not complain

Fitness Makeover '
Despite the fact that a sports club we are working on a beauty's body, people also need our care. We sweat during exercise, to treat people with dirty hands, and even the skin can come into contact with the mat. All this often leads to inflammation, especially in women with skin problems.

Therefore, before exercise is best to remove makeup and wearing a facial moisturizing cream or emulsion cleaning for your skin type. In order not to carry extra cans and bottles, try to get a tissue. Now comes a lot of varieties for all skin types.

If you normally carry with tap water, try foaming wipes. Before use, they should be wet, and they will turn into a kind of foam "sponge." They clean well and leaves skin with a pleasant sensation of freshness means Maybelline.

A sensitive skin is more suitable conventional wet wipes. If they are marked as "two-in-one", this often means that they are suitable for removing makeup with age.

If, after using skin tissue does not contract and you feel comfortable, the cream can not be applied.
If there is a feeling of dryness, it is best to moisturize the skin further.

Now a few words directly to the make-up. Many women can not part with even in the gym. In this case, I suggest to use the most resistant eye makeup - mascara or eyeliner. From the sharp shadows that must be abandoned, they can flake off and clog pores.

Putting makeup
Ideal for the gym - mini-pack tool, called the travel kit. Unfortunately, such a kit purchased at a grocery store is difficult. But if you travel a lot, go to the Duty Free shop, where the sets are usually represented in a range.

If the set of ground is not found, try to get the traditional way. The first step is to put the sport package makeup wipes to clean the skin. You will also need moisturisers. Not bad to bring a few drives, and padded sticks. They are very useful if you need to adjust the make-up. Add to kit you need a set of decorative cosmetics.

Now we complete the composition of the body. Here you definitely need-antiperspirant. Deodorant Well, if it smells neutral. Taste is too loud in a confined space can create discomfort of others.

Also comes in handy shower gels, except it provides the club does not exist. If you train in the morning, choose a gel with a refreshing orange or the smell of flowers. And for those who prefer to study at night, meaning more in line with a gentle relaxing aroma.

Good idea to bring a towel or cloth gloves stiff. They will help you every time, bathing, holding the light body exfoliation.

Be sure to bring your body lotion or cream. This will soften and moisturize the skin. Do not forget to separate the cream or powder for the feet. Well, if he would have the effect of disinfectant. Indeed, in general it is difficult for a bath at 100% to protect the skin from the foot infection.

Your body will be the ideal plus the healthy skin when undergoing the procedure tips


Sabtu, 03 September 2011

What to drink after a jog? Tips and recipes.


It's no secret that during intense jogging and sweating, our body loses a lot of nutrients. Running out of salts of potassium, sodium and magnesium - the most important blood electrolytes. Running out of calcium, essential for bone health.

During exercise the muscles to consume carbohydrates - "fuel" for the main energy and protein - the essential building blocks for muscle tissue growth. That is why it is very important to replenish substances that are needed after exercise. Today, we give some simple advice to share recipes and sports drinks at home is simple.

What to drink after a jog
The main goal after a workout - to make the body fluid balance and replenish nutrients. Experts offer several options for their thirst after the race.

Mineral water without gas

Both are in the composition are present all the essential minerals and salts. They quickly make up for water and electrolyte balance well digested. Minus drinks - in the absence of carbohydrates. However, their share is likely to fill the snack: dried fruit, candied fruit, a teaspoon of honey.

Fresh juice

They can drink before exercise, and after it. Ideally, the juice must be fresh drink and be not earlier than 30 minutes to run. But after the end of a glass of fresh juice to pamper yourself you can immediately.
Make sure that the juice was not cold - taking care neck reddened and pancreas - he does not like cold drinks, and they absorb a little longer.


It's worth a lot to drink protein, calcium and vitamin D3. It works well for muscle recovery after running, but drinking milk must be no earlier than 30 minutes after the race. If not, then it will be worse than assimilated.

Sports drinks and special mix

Probably the best option, because they are very balanced in every case. There are drinks to improve aerobic properties for fast, rapid muscle recovery growth.
But for the same reason you do not have to use a mixture of sport without a recommendation from a coach or a qualified consultant. Only a qualified specialist can tell what the drink, how much and how long after the end of the walk would be best for you.


Recently, U.S. researchers have found that drinking cocoa after jogging cold very helpful. Natural milk, including protein and calcium, in addition, good cocoa filling carbohydrates.
The only negative - the caffeine in chocolate are useless in the first minute of jogging. Therefore, a cup of cocoa can not reward yourself sooner than half an hour after exercise.


At first glance, the recommendation is very strange. But recently, Spanish scientists have called this drink is one of the most suitable for recovery after intense athletic stress. In the beer contained vitamins, yeast precious, an amino acid complex.
True, we are talking about the beer is not pasteurized and some very small - less than 100 grams. In addition, it is recommended to wash with water, and using a mixture of water and beer can be no earlier than two hours after exercise.

Home fitness drink recipes

Pamper yourself after jogging can be very delicious and healthy homemade beverages. And if necessary, you can prepare yourself for a drink of training. This drink is freshly prepared perfectly quench thirst and fill the balance of substances that are needed, both before and after the race.
The only thing to remember, all domestic drinks are made, usually based on the sweet juice or sugar, so as to maintain healthy teeth, it is advisable to rinse your mouth after drinking plain water.

Here are some simple recipes:

Drinking lemon: 2 liters of water would need 120 grams of sugar, 3 tablespoons. lemon juice, a pinch of sea salt. Materials are mixed. Serving as needed during and after running.

Drinking water and salt solution: to get 2 liters of water 120 g sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt.
Incidentally, this solution is very likely to replace the pharmaceutical drug "Rehydron" - bag divorces per 1 liter of drinking and balanced solution ready!

Mead: 1 liter of water add 100 g of honey and ½ teaspoon of salt.

Drinking orange: for 1 liter of water to take 120 ml of orange juice (preferably freshly prepared), and add ½ teaspoon of salt. This drink is also stored in the refrigerator for 3 days. Drinking as you can during practice, and after it.

Concentrate to 600 ml of drink fresh orange juice (can substitute apple) + 1 teaspoon of sea salt. Mix and store in refrigerator. If necessary, the concentrate can be diluted - in 2 parts water 1 part concentrate, or just drink mineral water without gas.
When choosing what to drink after the run, do not forget that the drink should not only useful but also tasty, so be guided by their tastes and preferences do not forget about the meaning of size.